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Take Flight

Casual - Free

1920-30s cartoons meet mobile gaming! Rubber-hose art style at your fingertips.

Take Flight! is an endless flying game based on a 1930's cartoon where you take to the skies and defeat ruthless enemies. Why? To collect gears and spend them on fun and crazy cosmetics. A game so simple that anyone can pick it up and go, but if you're a hardcore player, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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4.0 Rating


I enjoy the 1930s aesthetic I enjoy that there is this game and yes I know it’s inspired my cuphead and it was done very well I’m happy that there isn’t ads unless you want to be revived which I do appreciate very good game I recommend it

isaak Costa (iOS)

They’re should be more games like this. Love the art style. I liked changing the filter and the black and white option. If they’re we’re boss battles, levels, and a story. That would make the game even better. This game has amazing potential. Keep up the good work

Unique Game Reviewer (iOS)

The game has captured a style that has been revived and turned into something new. Take Flight is a 1930s sky high adventure! Looking forward to the updates and more addictive fun!


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