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Daring Dungeoneer

RPG/Card - Free

Fight against monsters, save Mimic Town in this action packed RPG!

Dive deep into dungeons in this Card Battle RPG. If you are defeated, you lose everything you gained in that dungeon. The big question is, do you "Dare to Dungeon" or do you flee with what you've gained? You decide when enough is enough in this exhilarating game of "chicken" between you and the dungeon.

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4.2 Rating


I’ve been looking for simplistic yet addictive games for a while, and I’ve struck gold! I’ve always had a knack for card games, simple games, or perhaps, would this game fall under the category or a rogue like? The high stakes behind every card keep you on the edge, but each time you die, you feel like it’s your own fault for being greedy.

Chosen_Undeadd (iOS)

I found this game randomly on the app store and was shocked to see how well made and addictive this game is. This game does not force you to spend real money while also giving you a sense of challenge when you play. Overall a well made game that deserves more recognition than it’s getting.


This game is exactly what I needed in my life! This is the most accessible roguelike I've ever played and it is perfectly designed for mobile play. The "one more run" factor is addicting, the tough decision making ever present and the gamble of turning over that next card or turning tail is oh so compelling. Couldn't recommend more!

Dane Sachs (Google)

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