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About Waffle Games


Here at Waffle Games we are creating fun mobile games for all sorts of audiences. If you like fun fast paced action, then the Take Flight series is right for you. Maybe you enjoy a nice easy to learn but fun to play dungeon crawler, we got you covered with Daring Dungeoneer.


Our Games

Here is a list of all our games!

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Word/Puzzle - Free

This game will quickly show it's thorns, and prove you probably don't know as many 5 letter words as you think. Wordlings! adds a ton of much needed features to the game Wordle, such as multiple game modes, leaderboards, friends lists, and more. Guess a 5 letter word in less than 6 guesses, good luck!

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RPG - Free

Dive deep into dungeons in this Card Battle RPG. If you are defeated, you lose everything you gained in that dungeon. The big question is, do you "Dare to Dungeon" or do you flee with what you've gained? You decide when enough is enough in this exhilarating game of "chicken" between you and the dungeon.

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Adventure - Free

Everything you loved about Take Flight! and a LOT more. There is a slew of new systems including a completely reworked input system with a joystick, new characters, new planes, and BOSSES! We took feedback from the past 2 years to create exactly what everyone wanted.


Casual - Free

An endless flying game based on a 1930's cartoon where you take to the skies and defeat ruthless enemies. Why? To collect gears and spend them on fun and crazy cosmetics. A game so simple that anyone can pick it up and go, but if you're a hardcore player, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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